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21st Century learning Skills what is it and why should we follow it? This training will define the 21st Century Learning Skills and identify essential components to implementing the skills in schools across the curriculum and learning delivery program. Knowing and implementing the 21st Century Learning Skills is an important skill / Literacy needed for the proficient in, in order to a responsible citizen of the 21st Century and compete in the workplace preparing children for Lifelong success. Participants will gain skills, strategies, and techniques to implementing developmentally appropriate practices. We no longer want to prepare students for certification but equip them with skills to finding the feet in the global world.

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Perhaps you are looking to increase the efficiency of your daily operations…? This workshop feature Structures, scientifically research based instructional strategies. Structures are step-by-step teaching strategies designed to implement powerful learning principles and boost engagement for all learners. Through cooperative and interactive learning strategies, disengaged students become fully engaged. High achievers are also challenged, motivated, and gain the opportunity to become leaders. While the Structures/ Strategies are easy to learn and easy to implement, they yield a wide range of positive outcomes including:

  1. Increased achievement for all groups of students
  2. Improved social skills and student relations
  3. Decreased discipline referrals
  4. Higher self-esteem among students
  5. Increased liking for school, class, teacher, and content

My Believe

I believe this workshop will empower Teacher with practical and proven tools to improve their ability to reach and teach students. There is no doubt that the training has direct connections to the teaching skill sets outlined in our teacher appraisal rubrics. The workshop focuses on instructional strategies rather than curriculum and therefore teachers will become more effective teaching any curriculum at any grades. I am confident this will help us meet the demands outlined in the Common Core State Standards, especially the soft skills that are directly linked to college and career readiness

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Three different school visits

Open School Visit is the most practical solution for individuals and small groups. Includes half-day visit in Helsinki metropolitan area with possibility to observe classes and talk with Finnish teachers. The visit includes also the Finnish school lunch – famous for being offered free for every student.
We organize education visit at least for the primary school level (grades 1-6, in Finland that is 7-12 years old). However, some of our visiting schools offer preschool education as well (6 years old) and some of them are comprehensive schools, meaning they have also middle school / junior high school students (grades 7-9 = 13-15 years old). If your interest is only preschool / middle school, please ask us about the possibility to visit those before registration.