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  • Theme: What the future looks like.
  • Date:6-10th of April 2020
  • Cost: To be sponsored

Why attend Project INSPIRE ME 2020Project INSPIRE ME” brings together the best speakers, practitioners and exhibitors all in one place.

“Project INPIRE ME” workshops feature Structures, scientifically research based instructional strategies. Structures are step-by-step teaching strategies designed to implement powerful learning principles and boost engagement for all learners. Through cooperative and interactive learning strategies, disengaged students become fully engaged.
“Project INSPIRE ME” will empower participant with practical and proven tools to improve my ability to reach and teach students. There is no doubt that the training has direct connections to the teaching skill sets outlined in our teacher appraisal rubrics. The workshop focuses on STEAM instructional strategies rather than curriculum and therefore I will become more effective teaching any curriculum at any grades.

Know About INSPIRE ME 2020

Bringing Employers and Teachers Together

With leading exhibitors, there's a huge variety of resources and ideas available for English, Math and science and teaching and learning.
Session themes this year include Practical Science (including outdoor learning) Curriculum
Assessment, Cognitive Science, Research (including practitioner-led classroom research), Technology, Teaching & Learning, Professional Learning Journey (related to ongoing professional development of teachers and technicians), Education for Sustainable Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Early Career Development, and Leadership.