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An, Education Pace Initiative

STEAM education integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations.

It's 50, 000 Naira per school and there's nothing to lose, students can win prizes including an iPad, a phone, Speaker, plus many more. The winning school in each category will also win 2000 of credit to spend on D&T equipment for the classroom. Many students enter with their existing coursework projects, so it is not necessary to spend a lot of time creating a new project, although we also welcome projects developed especially for the TID Challenge! Plus, finalists get a tour of a modern manufacturing plant and the opportunity to build links with their local engineering firms.

Our Vision

To achieve a world class educational pathway in curriculum delivery for teachers in Africa

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Our Mission

Build and promote an ideal , creative and innovative global educational community.

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Our Goal

To bridge the gap between teachers and students in learning. - To deliver an effective. 21st century teaching and learning skills. - To improve curriculum development and delivery. - Build a STEM community in Africa.

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Our Values

Sincerity integrity and value for business.

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In Brief

We are
Education Pace Initiative

Education Pace Initiative (EPI) is as a one-stop source for holistic development of teacher’s capacity to deliver actionable knowledge to students and improve their learning outcomes. EPI was founded by Oghuan Ojedokun, with the vision to become the go-to in teacher, student school learning development in Nigeria.
EPI’s brings deep experience and passion of its Founder, spanning a decade, in conducting teacher training workshops, learning and outcomes assessments, structured student learning planning, facilitation skills and 21st Century teaching skills and learning strategies that have been reputed for achieving significant excellence positive ratings for schools.

We are the best from around Africa.


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Teacher in Finland

Interacting with Teachers in Finland

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Helsinki Finland

We secure it all

A five day open School visit to fully discover why the Finnish education is the best in the world. Spend a full day in a Finnish school interacting with teachers and students. Also enjoy the Finnish labour festival as a side attraction. Cost is all inclusive as it covers accommodation, ticketing, visa and transportation in Finland.

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(+23470) 34795299