We have limited offer for FINOPEN 2019

FINOPEN: The Teachers Open School Visit 2019

Education Pace Initiative offers 3 different school visits

  • Theme: FINOPEN 2019.
  • Date: November 23rd - November 28th, 2019
  • Cost: € 3500 Euros

Shadowing Experience in Helsinki Finland
Open School Visit is the most practical solution for individuals and small groups. Includes half-day visit in Helsinki metropolitan area with possibility to observe classes and talk with Finnish teachers. The visit includes also the Finnish school lunch – famous for being offered free for every student.
Private School Visit is the same but you choose the date.
Customized School Visit is custom-made according to your interest and preferences. It can include several visits.

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Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland

The concept of these school visits is as the name indicates, open for everyone. You can be an educational professional, an educational student or planning to own a school . The only requirement is that you are interested in the Finnish education and eager to see how the learning takes place in a normal classroom situation. During the visit you will have time to talk with the Finnish teachers and ask about their teaching practices, methods or the challenges they face during their daily work. The visit includes also the Finnish school lunch – famous for being offered for every student for free.
We organize education visit at least for the primary school level (grades 1-6, in Finland that is 7-12 years old). However, some of our visiting schools offer preschool education as well (6 years old) and some of them are comprehensive schools, meaning they have also middle school / junior high school students (grades 7-9 = 13-15 years old). If your interest is only preschool / middle school, please ask us about the possibility to visit those before registration.