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Our Vision

To achieve a world class educational pathway for teacher training and curriculum delivery in Africa

Our Values

Sincerity, integrity and value for business .

Our Mission

Build and promote an ideal , creative and innovative global educational community.

About EPI

Education Pace Initiative (EPI) is as a one-stop source for holistic development of teacher’s capacity to deliver actionable knowledge to students and improve their learning outcomes. EPI was founded by Oghuan Ojedokun, with the vision to become the go-to in teacher, student school learning development in Nigeria.
EPI’s brings deep experience and passion of its Founder, spanning a decade, in conducting teacher training workshops, learning and outcomes assessments, structured student learning planning, facilitation skills and 21st Century teaching skills and learning strategies that have been reputed for achieving significant excellence positive ratings for schools.
Beyond the Founder’s expertise, in teaching development and department management, across schools in the United Arab Emirates , she has also contributed to education thought leadership and partnership reforms in the Mid-East, including the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program that transformed the Educational System from Arabic to English under the ADEC and Nord Anglia Partnership in 2007.

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Core Values

  1. To bridge the gap between teachers and students in learning
  2. To deliver an effective
  3. 21st century teaching and learning skills
  4. To improve curriculum development and delivery
  5. Build a STEM community in Africa

Our Belief

Education pace Initiative professional Development is all about engagement! When students are engaged, they pay attention, they're motivated, they learn more, and the learning sticks. The biggest difference between the Education pace initiative approach and teaching using traditional methods is the ability to engage every student so to be able to determine the level of understanding at which each and every student is at and as such plan and improves on that area more effectively. Traditional classroom teaching captures the minds and attention of some students, but not all. Good teachers engage more students. But even the best teachers who use traditional instruction don't require every student to participate. With traditional instruction, there is always a subset of students who fall through the cracks. We're all too familiar with the results: a widening gap between high achievers and low achievers. The more they interact with their peers and with the curriculum, the more they'll learn. Education pace Strategies require every student to participate frequently and approximately equally. These learning strategies close the achievement gap by creating dramatic gains for struggling students. But the gains are not bought at the expense of high achievers; they too are engaged in a richer, more interactive learning environment. As brain-research is proving, meaningful engagement is just a better way to reach and teach all students. If engagement is the key to good instruction, then why doesn't every teacher actively engage all students? Great question! The answer: Most teachers lack the practical tools they need to make high levels of student engagement a daily reality. By no fault of their own, teachers learned traditional methods, and many are simply unaware of an easier and more effective approach. The power of cooperative learning Structures is that they distill the best of educational theory and research into very specific, easy-to-use teaching strategies. Mediocre teachers become good. Good teachers become great. And great teachers—well, they're already been to an Education Pace Initiative Training!


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